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I have spent my life cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships in which each person tried to do what was best for each other.  By focusing on this goal, I built a successful business in the mortgage industry were in almost 19 years with one employer I received 26 sales awards by fulfilling my clients needs.  

Realizing that sometimes exiting an unhealthy situation will ultimately improve other relationships, I went through the divorce process.  This experience allowed me the opportunity to realize how negative emotions can be controlled and transformed into positive ones. I also learned that the real problem was how I viewed that situation.

I began Sano Mente through my love of helping others see more possibilities in their life and after years of encouragement from family, friends, and clients to coach others.  I believe the more authentic I am the better I can help others evolve on their paths in life. That taking a long lasting, supportive view of growth is the foundation for a better life.  Many people know what they want their life to look like, but might be stuck in how to work through the details. I like to brainstorm to help fill in the gaps that works best for that individual.   

When I am not coaching, I enjoy spending time with my large extended family, staying up to date with Formula 1 racing and making homemade wine.  Taking grapes and turning them into natural wine made me appreciate how small steps in a process can create something beautiful. Authentic wine with no additives or preservatives gives no headache or hangover.  Coaching should also be genuine and do no damage!